The calculation is clear - for every 100 euros paid, Hotel Zlatibor Mona gives you an additional 50 euros, which you can use until 25.12.2020. for bed and breakfast services.

If you pay 300 euros, you will get an additional 150 euros and have 450 euros available for bed and breakfast services.

Pay now, rest at any time until the end of the year!

After the money is paid, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail stating the amount you have at your disposal and which you can use until the end of 2020.

When you choose the date of your vacation, we will calculate the number of nights based on the money you have available, according to the number of guests and the category of the room you choose.

The calculation will be done according to the regular hotel price list at the time of your reservation. You do not have to choose the holiday date at the time of payment.

Package includes:

- Bed and breakfast service

- Free usage od the wellness and fitness center

- Free animation programs for children

Children up to 7 years old stay free of charge


Source: Hotel Mona Zlatibor

Cafeteria is located at the site where the first Serbian chocolate factory stood more than a century ago. The sweet past and industrial elements, combined with urban design created a place where unique experiences are made. Take a break on a busy Belgrade day and spend the evening with the sounds of good music. The Šonda Lounge has two entrances for guests - one through the modern ambiance of the hotel from Solunska Street, and the other through the door of the first Serbian chocolate factory from Cara Uroša Street. Indulge in a true delight with creamy coffees, chocolate drinks and various other delicious treats with the Šonda Seal.