The most famous Italian pop singer, Eros Ramazzotti, again performs in Belgrade! The concert will be held in the Belgrade Stark Arena on 24.09. The reason for this concert, or a new tour, is actually a new album of the popular artist. The tour starts on 5 February in Munich and Eros will have concerts on as many as 5 different continents. It is indeed a great pleasure that Belgrade is again part of his big tour. There is no doubt that the audience will enjoy it!

Celebrated as a modern "king of waltz" from Mexico to Australia, André Rieu plays in a league of his own with around 600,000 spectators per year, surpassing even superstars like Bruno Mars, AC/DC or Rihanna. On May 22 André Rieu will perform at the 'Štark' Arena in Belgrade with his bombastic stage show as part of his world tour 2019. Tickets starting at 2500 RSD (around 20 euros).