One of the most beautiful places in Belgrade will be decorated with fairytale houses in the spirit of Christmas that will be placed in front of our largest Orthodox temple. Beside  that, visitors will enjoy in various hot drinks and interesting food, and also they will be able to enjoy in a rich program of different performances and musical concerts. It is expected 150 different programs. The event is only 10 minutes walk from our hotel. If you are in Belgrade, you must definitely visit it!

The first FEST, under the slogan "A Brave New World" was opened on the 9th of January 1971 in Dom Sindikata, with the screening of Robert Altman’s Mash. Envisioned as the annual review of the best films of the season, the Belgrade International Film Festival - FEST – evolved to become one of the most important festivals on the continent and a pillar event of Belgrade's cultural life and an indispensable element in the coming of age of many generations of film fans. Since its inception, the main film programme of FEST has always been enriched with diverse accompanying ones, the quality of which often exceeded their supporting role. One should also mention numerous publications, as well as exhibitions and symposiums held during the Festival. To date, FEST boasts four million visitors and nearly 4000 relevant international films, which have had their Yugoslav/Serbian and often regional premiere on the Festival.